Top pins, garlic bread and not a shoe to be seen… #Pinterest

One of the things that often comes up in discussion about Pinterest is how do they (Pinterest) chose the top pins? I don’t think Pinterest choose them, I think the community selects the top pins. And if you’d like this data in one easy to read location, then take a look at Repinly.

Repinly is a directory for Pinterest. It’s purpose is two-fold, firstly it allows to you to find influencers on Pinterest easily and secondly it’s a fine research tool. If you love data, you’ll love Repinly Stats :)

If you listen to some internet marketers you’d think Pinterest was all shoes, arts and crafts. The reality is different.

Repinly pie charts

The most popular pins are food related.

DIY and craft pins is almost 2/3rds less popular than food pins. If you are looking to create a viral pin, then it should be food related somehow ;) . The top pin is a piece of garlic bread… thanks Steven Healey for pointing that out to me, I’ve been hankering for some garlic bread ever since you noticed.

Repinly also shows you the top pinners (and not a social media expert in sight!), the top boards and the top pinner.

You can add yourself to the Repinly directory, and you will get a score based on your activity. Mine has gone down 2 points as last night I watched two episodes of Lost (Sawyer… who can blame me ;) ) instead of pinning.

As you navigate around the site you’ll see pinners to follow as well as what’s popular. As I did, I started to notice the written word doesn’t seem to have it’s grip on Pinterest like it does on other locations on the web. If I am looking to make a splash over on Pinterest I’d consider learning some graphic design basics right now.

If I am looking to interact with influential pinners then Repinly is a good place to source and start following and interacting with them.

Go check out Repinly and see what you can learn and then apply it too your pins.


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