Can I have more than one Pinterest account?

Why do you need an additional Pinterest account?

If you have a small business you might like a personal Pinterest account. It can be that your personal interests are very different from your business interests. An example of this is my Pinterest boards – I love the Game of Thrones and enjoy the odd episode or three of Sons of Anarchy. I work in transport so I can pin happily to all those boards and people not bat an eyelid. But what if I worked in the mountain biking industry and had a passion for cute kittens and pink cosmetics? I could have a real conflict between the private me and the business me. I may not want people to know about the slushy romance novels that I don’t read of a weekend ;) . There is a fine line between being authentic and keeping yourself private.

Another reason that you may need an additional Pinterest account is because you are a social media marketer and it’s part of your marketing strategy for your clients. It may be easier to create the boards and account for your clients than ask them to do it themselves.

How to get an additional Pinterest account.

Logout of Pinterest, but before you do send yourself an invitation to a new email address. When you receive your email invitation use that to create a new account.

Pinterest validates your Pinterest account by asking you to login with Twitter or Facebook. So if you have more than one Twitter account, you can add an additional Pinterest account. If you don’t have an additional Twitter account then you will struggle to have an additional Pinterest account.

I advise you to use a different email address so that if you hand the account over to a client or another person in your business, all you have to do is adjust the email address to theirs.

Things to be aware of when having multiple Pinterest accounts.

Do you really need two Pinterest accounts? Setting up multiple Pinterest accounts could trip a spam filter / trigger within the Pinterest system.

At the time of typing, the Pinterest API isn’t a free for all. This means it will be impossible to manage your accounts from a third party app like Hootsuite. When the API is open and more applications incorporate it, it will be easier to manage multiple accounts. Until them try not to post your cute fluffy kittens on the wrong account ;)

Internet marketers are going nuts trying all kinds of techniques and methods of marketing there, some methods more successful than others. If you plan to use one account for purely promotional purposes it could look unnatural and you may lose that account. Remember if it looks like spam, tastes like spam then it probably is spam…  Use your accounts wisely.


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