How to build a strong Pinterest profile

Are you on Pinterest for business or pleasure? If you’re like me the answer is “both.” Pinterest is the newest social site to go  mainstream and it can be incredibly addictive. However, before you get too deeply immersed in pinning really cool images you need take a few minutes to build yourself a strong Pinterest profile.

Image of my Pinterest profile

#1 Separate Your Personal Pinterest from Your Business Pinterest
You can have more than one Pinterest account. The chances are you have more than Twitter account too. It’s okay. Simply send yourself an invitation so you can have a personal Pinterest account and a  business Pinterest account.

#2 Create a Username That Friends and Customers Will Recognise
This is important because people will search for you on Pinterest (their search functionality is pretty cool). If you already have a Facebook and/or Twitter business profile try to keep them consistent with your Pinterest profile. This will create brand continuity and make it easier to find you on any given site and followed.

#3 Add an Image of Yourself
Include an image of yourself if you’re a service provider or if there is a face to your business. Uploading a logo is okay, but remember that you want people to connect with you and many social networkers prefer to connect with a face. Being human is something that comes without a logo.

#4 Your About Paragraph
Add a short description in your “About” page. Instead of listing your bio or a bunch of website addresses, keep it short and use your unique voice to make it interesting and relevant to your business. For example, if your blog is dedicated to the niche topic of home schooling activities and experiments for young children your bio might be as simple as “Creative experiments and activities for children. We get messy sometimes but we learn and have fun”. In mine I mention I’m the co-author of Zero to Blogger and indicate that I’m a Game of Thrones fan. Followers get an indication of who I am in a few lines.

#5 Add Social Connection Buttons
When you’re creating your profile you have the option to add:
* Your website
* Your Twitter profile
* Your Facebook profile
They’ll show up as buttons under your picture on your profile page. Fellow pinners can then click on any button and be taken to the respective site and connect with you there as well.

Finally, when you’re creating boards, try to capitalise on a few branding tactics. For example, add keywords to your board’s names. Make the board names interesting and descriptive. Continuing with the “Creative experiments for children” example you might have boards titled, “Outdoor experiments for windy days,” “Messy science projects,” “Quick and easy art project” and so on. Also organise your boards so your most compelling and valuable boards are at the top of the page. That way, when people visit your profile they’ll see the best of what you’ve created so far and get a quick snapshot of who you are.


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    I loved the word DRAGON !! :D

    Really very helpful tutorial to dominate new Social Boom !!

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