Awesome board covers – thank you #Pinterest

A new feature announced by Pinterest – Yay! Pinboard covers.

Each board has the ability to have a “permanent” cover; a pin that is permanently at the top of your board until you change it. Unlike Facebook who have all kinds of restrictions on what the cover should contain, your Pinboard cover could be a descriptive image or an image consistent with the overall theme of your board.

How to set your Pinterst Board covers in 2 quick steps

Step one.

Open the board you wish to have a cover on. Then select the pin you wish to have as the cover. Move your mouse over the pin and “Set board cover” appears.

Set Pinterest cover select pin image

Step two

When you have clicked the “Set Board Cover” as shown in the image above the next screen will allow you to adjust the image. Just drag  the image around until it sits nicely where you need it.


The click the big red set cover button and you are done.

The marketing possibilities are endless with pinboard covers.

On my Game of Thrones Board I have the catchphrase of season two, on the background of flame.

Pinboard Cover

On my same day courier board I am just creating an image with a white van and “the stuff we deliver” on the side of it. The pins will be the types of goods and freight we move on a regular basis.

Event planners will be able to have a cover with their latest event and the pins relating to that event.

Graphic designers will be overjoyed that they can add another service to their social media graphics portfolio :)

Board covers are a really useful part of the pinning experience. So far I can’t see any reasons why the cover can’t have a few words describing the pins on that particular board – it makes the user experience so much better.

What do you think?




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  1. Thanks for this, Sarah. I like the idea of being able to choose a permanent cover. I think I can use this to add descriptive images in the form of blocks of text to boards for English language learners – images that explain in a few words what the board content is about, making it easier for people/learners to decide whether or not to follow individual boards.

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